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DROP Remote Overview

The DROP Remote shows the status of your DROP system at a glance and allows you to conveniently turn your water supply on or off. The Remote also extends the range of the DROP Link mesh network.

If you have not yet connected your Remote to the system, please see “How to Add Your Devices.”

DROP Remote Placement

If the remote is going to be used primarily as a user interface, it should be hung on a wall or placed on a counter top so it is convenient to see and to control your home water state.

However, if you need to extend the range of the DROP Link network, you can place the remote at a location between the Hub and the devices you need to extend to. The DROP Remote is a network extender that will improve communications between the DROP Hub and distant DROP devices. The construction of every home is different, so you may need to experiment with the location of the Remote to find the optimal placement.

Up to eight DROP remotes can be connected to a DROP Hub as user interfaces and/or network extenders.


The lights on the DROP Remote indicate if the DROP system is in service or shut off. While the system is in service, the lights on the Remote will be green. When the system is off, the lights will change to orange. You can select from four different brightness settings by briefly touching the recessed push button on the front of the Remote.

If there is a DROP notification that has not been seen in the app, the Remote will slowly blink a blue light. As with other DROP devices, periodic purple flashes indicate that the Remote is communicating with the DROP hub and other DROP devices.

Push Button Functions

The DROP Remote has a recessed, touch-sensitive button that can perform some basic functions. These functions can be accessed by pressing and holding the button. As you hold the button, the light closest to the button will turn white to confirm the button press while the top lights will change for the different functions you may access. The following list explains available functions.

The remote lights will turn orange or green, depending on the remote’s current position. If the remote is in service (showing green lights before the button was pressed), releasing the button while the lights are orange will send the valve to the shutoff position. Likewise, if the remote is in shutoff (with orange lights presenting before the button was pressed), releasing the button while the lights are green will send the valve to the service position.

The Remote lights will turn orange. If released during this time frame the valve will be armed for a factory reset and the lights will turn red. If the button is pressed again, once it is red, a factory reset will be performed on the Remote. It is recommended that before performing a factory reset, you remove the Remote as a device on any DROP system it might be attached to. This can be done while using a local connection in the app and going to “System” on the navigation menu on the left, and then to the “Advanced” page (selected at the top). On that page you will see “Manage Device Components.” Find the Remote in that list and press the “Remove” button associated with that Remote. Once the Remote is removed, you can then perform the factory reset.


Short press, less than .05 second changes the intensity of the LED lights.
All DROP devices that plug into 120 volt outlets expand the DROP Link mesh network. When placing the DROP Hub and Remote, keep in mind that installing them in separate areas of the home will expand the network. This is important to consider if you have leak detectors located in far extremes of the home.
If you wish to connect your system to local WiFi for remote control and notifications, please install the DROP Hub in a location with a good WiFi signal.