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DROP is the cutting-edge brand engineered by the industry-leading Chandler Systems,
with over 40 years of experience in water treatment innovation.

Meet Our Team

Bill Chandler


Bill Chandler, with over four decades of
experience, is the pioneer behind Chandler Systems, holding more than with more than 40 patents. He continues his commitment to revolutionizing the water treatment industry through innovative technologies.

Billy Chandler

Vice President

William Chandler III (Billy) has been working in the water industry for over 20 years. Since 2016 he has been the Vice President of Chandler Systems Inc., owner of CSI Water Treatment, WaterSoft Inc., Clearion Water, and DROP.

Ryan Chandler

Operations Manager

Ryan Chandler has been working in the water industry for over 18 years.
Ryan serves as the Operations Manager of Chandler Systems Inc., owner of CSI Water Treatment, WaterSoft Inc., Clearion Water, and DROP.

Our Story

DROP is the cutting-edge brand engineered by the industry-leading Chandler Systems, with over 40 years of experience in water treatment innovation. With an impressive portfolio of more than 40 patents in water treatment, motor control, and state-of-the-art electronic systems, the company has consistently driven technological advancements in the field. Chandler Systems’ relentless pursuit of excellence and ingenuity is embodied in the DROP brand, which offers advanced solutions for both residential and commercial water treatment needs.

Founded by the visionary Bill Chandler in 1980, the company expanded its scope in 1993 to include the manufacturing of cutting-edge electrical and electronic products, further solidifying its commitment to revolutionizing the industry.

In 2012, Chandler Systems merged its diverse areas of expertise to pioneer the development of a state-of-the-art virtual schematics and wireless control system. This technology was designed to empower homeowners and contractors by offering seamless diagnostics and solutions for leaks and water usage concerns. This groundbreaking private network facilitated the integration of filters, softeners, well pump controls, and more, ultimately giving birth to the innovative DROP system.

Chandler Systems’ legacy of excellence continues with Bill’s sons, Billy and Ryan, who remain deeply ingrained in the family business. They are dedicated to exploring inventive solutions to address the ever-evolving demands of residential and commercial water treatment, continuing Chandler Systems commitment to innovation and progress.




  • Water Soft, Inc. was founded by brothers Jim and Bill Chandler of Ashland, Ohio.
  • On February 29, 1980, Water Soft purchased the entire water treatment division of the F.E. Myers Pump Company.
  • Included in the purchase was a license for Water Soft to use the “Myers” name for a period of three years. If ever you see a product or literature in the field with both names present, it was manufactured prior to 1983.
  • Jim & Bill reinvested a large portion of the company’s income to research and development. The result was the creation of several patented/proprietary products including the WATER SPRITE/SINK TANK Water Filter and the PROVECTR Water Treatment System. These are all innovative in that they solve tough water problems without the use of costly chemicals. Another special product was the SOFT’N FILTER system that combines the filtration and softening process into one complete unit.


  • On March 2, 1988, Water Soft was purchased by Amtrol Inc. Over 30 years prior to the purchase of Water Soft, Amtrol introduced the first pre-pressurized diaphragm expansion tank to the water systems industry. At that time Amtrol was the leading manufacturer of water systems tanks in the world and was looking to enter into water treatment.
  • Eventually both Jim and Bill Chandler moved on to pursue other opportunities and Amtrol moved Water Soft out of the Ashland facility.


  • In 1993 Bill Chandler founded Chandler Systems Inc., a new venture focusing on the manufacture of electrical control systems for the water & wastewater markets.


  • On September 1, 1995, Bill Chandler formally began CSI Water Treatment Systems, a division of Chandler Systems Inc. As one of the co-founders of Water Soft Inc., Bill brought his experience and innovation to CSI that built one of the most successful water treatment companies in the industry.
  • In 1995 CSI introduced their first propriety product, the ReactR™, an advanced innovation in the treatment of water using a natural aeration process.


  • In 2003 the Signature Series™, Chandler Systems first proprietary control valve, was introduced to the market. CSI pioneered the first use of DC motors to position their valve for the electronic era.


  • In January of 2008 Bill sold the controls division of Chandler Systems Inc. to SJE Rhombus, a leader in the wastewater controls industry.
  • Almost 20 years later, in June of 2008, Bill Chandler acquired the WaterSoft division back from Amtrol and moved production back to Ashland.


  • In 2012 innovation continues as the Signature Series 2™ and Isobar II™ control valves are introduced.


  • In 2013 the Nitro™ and Centuri™ single tank aeration filters are released with patented air injection technology.


  • In 2015 the Sidekick™ Single Tank Aeration Filter with Ozone Complete featuring the industry’s first single tank aeration filter with the control valve separated from the filter tank is added to our line. Along with other benefits this patented technology eliminates the accumulation of iron in the control valve.


  • In 2016 the NEW Legacy View Bluetooth Control Valves will begin production at Chandler Systems. Using Android and Apple apps with Bluetooth communication drastically simplifies system setup and control.


  • November of 2017 the Signature Series 3™ and Isobar III™ control valves are introduced with a new high flow body and improved plumbing connections.
  • July 25th of 2017 the first of over 20 DROP related patents issues.


  • March of 2018 the original release of DROP Products that included the DROP Hub, DROP Leak Detector, DROP Residential Valves for DROP Softeners and Filters and the DROP Salt Sensor.


  • January of 2019 the DROP Home Protection System and DROP Remote are introduced.
  • December of 2019 the DROP Ozone Generator to use with the DROP Single Tank Aeration Filter.


  • January of 2020 we introduced our first product to be used with a well pump, the DROP Pump Controller.
  • May of 2020 DROP makes the move into commercial products with the DROP Commercial Protection Systems and the DROP Aux Box.
  • July of 2020 our commitment to DROP Commercial Products continues with the release of the DROP 1.25″ and 1.5″ Commercial Valves.


  • CSI Fresh Tap introduced.
  • September of 2022, in order to improve our HUB, we updated to DROP HUB 2 adding Bluetooth for easier sign on.


  • TC City Softeners begin production.
  • March of 2023 the pure and simple DROP Reverse Osmosis System is released.
  • December of 2023 the DROP Alert gives you the opportunity to monitor your sump pump…all the time.


May of 2024 introduction of CSI S4 Control Valve.


  • From 2018 to today there has been a steady release of products into the DROP ecosystem now consisting of the DROP Hub, residential water softeners, backwashing filters, cartridge filters, aeration filters, leak detectors, home protection valves, well pump controllers, the remote, reverse osmosis system, sump pump monitor, as well as commercial softeners, backwashing filters, and protection valves.
  • With a full team of dedicated R&D software, electronic, and mechanical engineers there is always more to come.