Give your family the pure water they deserve.

How DROP Works

Your home’s water system is critical to the well-being of you and your family. From dangerous contaminants to terrible-tasting water, from accidental floods to disaster-level utility bills–a bad water day can quickly become a long-term catastrophe. But with DROP’s innovative products, you’ll never need to worry about your water again. Once installed, DROP has your back from now on.

3 steps to better water.


Here’s what you need:

We’ve made pristine water a snap. All you need to make DROP work for you is a power source, a WiFi connection, and the DROP mobile app. From there, DROP puts effortless residential water system control–literally!--in the palm of your hand so you can relax and enjoy your home’s water system the way it was meant to be.


Control it all with the app.

From staying on top of your water use data to shutting it all down with the tap of a button like a true water samarai–the DROP mobile app puts total control in the palm of your hand.


Build your system.

Finding the right water solutions is about as easy as wetting your whistle straight from a fire hydrant. That’s why we’ve created a simple quiz that will tell you exactly what DROP products you need for your unique home water situation.